Visual Edge - Kessler CineSlider

We are delighted to now stock the Kessler CineSlider, with optional Parallax system. Kessler has quickly become one of the names for sliders in the industry and a quick look-over the CineSlider explains why: it’s built for production. Solid without being heavy, the CineSlider features a 3′ track and can handle camera systems up to 80lbs — this is not a rig for solely DSLRs.

11The CineSlider features adjustable drag, which allows for even greater control and consistency of movement. The crank handle is also adjustable, thus allowing the operator to control the speed of the camera up and down the track. All in all, it’s a great rig and a offers plenty of possibilities for any production.

Visual Edge - Kessler Parallax

A new member of the Kessler family is the Parallax system, which can be paired with the CineSlider to provide automatic panning ands fixed point shooting. What this allows for is the ability to add a second axis to your shots, which can be especially powerful when doing product work. Switching the Parallax system to give you outside pans allows for sweeping moves, which works great for establishing shots and defining locations.

Visual Edge - Kesler K-Pod & Hercules Head 2.0

Finally, all of this needs a platform, and we’re happy to offer the Kessler K-Pod (no, not the coffee…) and Hercules 2.0 head. The K-Pod is a very heavy-duty tripod, able to hold up to 500lbs, with a 100mm bowl. So, not only will it work with the CineSlider when paired with the Hercules 2.0 head it will also provide a superbly stable base for our Long Valley Seven Jib. And, because production is hard enough, the K-Pod is equipped with 6″ lockable caster wheels, so you can move the rig around easily.

Give us a call or drop us an email if you’d like to take the CineSlider out for a spin. Slide. Whatever.