Dolly & Jib

Matthews Doorway DollyMatthews Doorway Dolly

The Matthews Doorway Dolly is a full sized dolly that can run either on pneumatic tires or track with the Matthews Centipede system.  Available items include:

  • Matthews Doorway Dolly with (2) sideboards
  • (2) 8′ lengths of straight track
  • Centipede system

Note: The dolly is a heavy item and will not fit in small cars.  Track does not compress smaller than 8′ in length.

Hollywood MicroDollyHollywood Micro Dolly

The Hollywood Micro Dolly is an excellent alternative for those shoots when camera movement is a must but set-up time and location issues make the use of a full size dolly system impossible.  Weighing just 10lbs the kit comes with:

  • Hollywood Micro Dolly T-Bar, capable of holding camera packages up to 100lbs
  • 13′ of spring-loaded, easy to assemble straight track
  • Track pads for rough surfaces
  • Track wedges for leveling

Long Valley Seven JibLong Valley Seven Jib Compact XL

Yep, the name is a mouthful but the jib is a perfectly portable size.  Folding down to just 33″ and weighing only 20lbs, the Seven Jib has a reach of 55″ and can hold up to 60lbs of camera and accessories.  The kit includes:

  • Long Valley Jib
  • Weights – enough to counterbalance your rig
  • Extension Bar – extends counterweight distance, reduces total counterweight
  • Underslung Bracket – for tabletop and those shots that have to start at ground level

Dana Dolly Rental KitDana Dolly

The Dana Dolly is a deceptively simple tool for camera movement: the camera and head sit on top of a sled and the whole rig slides along two pieces of pipe. That’s it. And, like maky simple things, it’s quite brilliant. Our Dana Dolly package comes with your choice of 3′, 5′ or 8′ pipe/track, (2) wheeled stands and the complete Dana Dolly travel kit, which includes 75mm, 100mm and 150mm bowl adapters.