Sony PDW-F800

The Sony The PDW-F800 is the top of the line XDCAM from Sony.  Shooting to discs, the F800 offers unparalleled flexibility, shooting 180i, 720p, PAL and NTSC at 60, 30 or 24 frames per second and offers a further choice of seven different recording formats.  In addition the F800 is able to over- and under-crank, meaning that it can be used for slow and fast motion photography and also has a built in intervalometer for timelapse shooting.  Utilizing 50GB dual sided XDCAM discs the camera is capable of shooting continuously at it’s highest data rate for 95 minutes.

Monitoring can be acheived through two HD-SDI outputs, a composite video output or Firewire400, and the camera even offers the ability to record proxy files to a USB2 flash stick while shooting. Menus are easily accessible and viewed through the LCD screen on the operator side of the camera, and the PDW-F800 is fully compatible with our color HD viewfinder (available upon request.)

Our base package for the PDW-F800 includes a Fujinon 16×6.3 HD lens, Anton Bauer power system, Sachtler fluid head and tripod and a Panasonic HD monitor

Manual for the Sony PDW-F800