Canon C300

Visual Edge Canon EOS C300

 The Canon Cinema EOS C300 is finally here. Building on the worldwide acceptance of Canon’s DSLRs, the C300 brings a revolutionary Super 35mm sensor and broadcast accepted internal recording. However, the technical aspects of the camera are just one part of the fun. The C300 is a camera that demands to be picked up and used, because that’s when the ergonomics make sense, that’s when you realize how good the built in viewfinder is, that’s when you realize that what you’ve been missing for the past couple of years while using DSLRs is a real video camera.

Peaking, zebras, waveform, vectorscope, ND filters…NO RECORD TIME LIMIT. The C300 is the video camera that we’ve been hoping for.

Daily Rate: $400.00/day

  • Canon Cinema EOS C300 body
  • Zacuto Studio Baseplate and gunstock for handheld shooting
  • (3) batteries and charger
  • AC power supply
  • (2) 32GB CF cards and USB reader

 Manual for the Canon Cinema EOS C300