Wireless Video Systems

We offer three different Teradek wireless video systems.

Wireless Video - Teradek Bolt

The SDI Teradek Bolt Pro 300 offers up to 300′ feet of range and simple plug and play operability. Both receiver and transmitter can be powered either via P-Tap or AC power supply, and offer 1/4-20 mounting options. Also available is a gold mount bracket so the receiver can be attached to a monitor on set with pass through power.

The HDMI Teradek Bolt also offers the same easy plug and play operability, but has the bonus of the transmitter having an internal battery that can last up to 2 hours. This is incredibly handy when using with cameras that don’t run on systems that have P-Tap connectors, such as Canon C300 and DSLRs. The HDMI systems also has an optional second receiver, enabling the ability to have two separate monitor stations.

The SDI Teradek Cube is a tremendously handy device that sends the video signal from an SDI output to an iPhone, iPad or laptop: the producer/director can instantly view what you’re shooting with the device they’re constantly looking at anyway! The Cube also has an Ethernet connection, which means it also functions as an encoder for web broadcasts.

Call us at 301/530-8210 or drop us an email to discuss pricing and availability for any of the above wireless video options.