Sound Devices PIX240

Sound Devices PIX240 - Visual Edge

The Sound Devices PIX240 is an excellent device for upgrading the capabilities of almost every camera on the market today. Recording to SSDs, the PIX240 allows for recording in multiple flavors of both ProRes and DNxHD and can even record 12-bit 4:4:4.

The PIX240 offers both SDI and HDMI inputs, as well as independent audio recording via XLR. It can up-convert, down-convert, cross-convert, and will passthrough both SDI and HDMI to the other, making it especially useful on set for cameras with only HDMI outputs.

The package comes with two 240GB SSDs in caddies that allow for USB3, eSata and Firewire800 connectivity, as well as both an AC power supply and P-Tap cables.