Visual Edge - NanoFlash

The NanoFlash allows the capture of uncompressed data from a camera’s HD-SDI or HDMI port.  Recording to CF cards, the NanoFlash offers the ability to be able to choose the data rate, codec and recording format:

  • I-Frame Recording – Similar to Panasonic’s intra-frame color compression, while in this codec the NanoFlash offers the ability to record at 100/140/140/180/220/280Mbps.
  • Long GOP Recording – This is Sony’s recording format, while in this codec the NanoFlash offers the ability to record at 5/9/18/35/50/100/140/180Mbps.

There is then the option of recording as a .mov, .mxf or .mpg file format, which enables universal compatibility with editing systems.

Both audio (up to 8 channels) and timecode are embedded in the HD-SDI signal which means that there is just one cable necessary for recording.  However, the NanoFlash also has HD-SDI output to allow monitoring on set and provide peace of mind.

Other features of the NanoFlash are timelapse recording and over-cranking and under-cranking.  Quite simply the NanoFlash transforms any tape-based camera into a tapeless camera (while still allowing tape to be rolled, thus creating a tape backup and a digital master copy) AND upgrades the quality of the image.

Here are a list of the cameras at Visual Edge that can be used with the NanoFlash:

  • Sony PDW-F800 XDCAM
  • Sony HDW-F900R CineAlta
  • Sony PDW-F350
  • Sony PMW-EX3
  • Sony HVR-Z7U
  • Panasonic AJ-HDC27H Varicam
  • Panasonic AJ-HDX900
  • Panasonic AJ-HPX2000

Questions?  Download the FAQs from Convergent Design here.

Operating Manual for the NanoFlash