Bruce Liffiton RED

Director of Photography Bruce Liffiton has over twenty years of professional experience in both facility management and field production.  Bruce has shot both domestically and internationally for a variety of clients, including broadcast networks, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, charitable organizations and non-profit associations.  Before partnering with Gonzalo Accame to form Visual Edge Bruce was involved in the management of two full service production houses and earned his BA in Business and Economics from Warren Wilson College, NC.

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Chris Cardno

Chris Cardno moved to the US from England in 1998 and while waiting for the INS to issue him a work visa decided to use his time by becoming an intern at a production company. Nine months later he had credits as Associate Producer and had been involved in the making of a number of documentaries and commercials.  Moving on as a Production Manager in DC, Chris managed and coordinated hundreds of projects ranging from blue-chip documentaries, high-end commercials and run-and-gun news shoots.  Joining Visual Edge in 2006, Chris has extensive production manager experience and knowledge of of the latest production equipment.  Because he’s a total geek.

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Carolyn Liffiton

Carolyn Liffiton is the Office Manager, Book-Keeper, Voice of Reason and Final Arbiter for Visual Edge.  Married to Bruce, Carolyn is the mother of five kids which makes her uniquely qualified to work in this industry…

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