We require a certificate of insurance for all rentals of equipment valued over $5,000 – there are NO EXCEPTIONS.  Equipment valued under $5,000 can be rented with a credit card, Visual Edge will place a hold on the card for the value of the equipment.  A valid driver’s license/passport is required for all rentals and a copy will be made and kept on file at Visual Edge.

If you are a full-time student working on your final project we can rent to you if you can provide us with an original letter from the school, on letterhead, that declares you are a full-time student in good standing and guarantees that the school will stand behind any damages or losses incurred during the rental.

The Renter is solely responsible for all equipment rented from Visual Edge.  At the end of the rental period the Renter agrees to replace any equipment that may be lost, stolen, missing, damaged or broken; repair to full manufacturer’s specifications any equipment that may be lost, stolen, missing, damaged or broken; or compensate Visual Edge for any equipment that may be lost, stolen, missing, damaged or broken.  Renter further agrees to compensate Visual Edge for any loss of business in the event of equipment being lost, stolen, missing, damaged or broken, including but not limited to replacement rentals and shipping. Renter is solely responsible for use of all equipment rented from Visual Edge and agrees that said equipment will only be used according to manufacturer’s instructions and recommended use.  Renter is solely responsible for transport of rented equipment and agrees to take every precaution during transport to ensure the equipment’s safety. Renter guarantees the payment of all charges associated with the rented equipment, including but not limited to the rental rate, repairs, compensation and further agrees to pay for any and all legal and collection fees that may result through default of this agreement.

While we are flexible with our hours we do generally require that equipment be picked up after 2pm the day before your project and returned by 11am the day after your project.  If you need to pick up or drop off outside of these times please call us before your rental to arrange times more convenient to you.


We require COD payments for all first time clients and out of state clients, by either credit card, bank transfer or cashier’s check.  With the establishment of an account with Visual Edge we do offer Net30 payment options.

Compounding interest will accrue on all past due balances at a rate of 2%/month.  This interest must be paid at the same time as the outstanding balance is cleared.  In the event of non-payment or a balance more than six months past due we will refer the invoice to our collection agency — the client will then be responsible for any and all legal fees that may result through this action.

Accounts will be suspended should the balance rise to above $10,000.  No rentals or productions will be authorized until the balance is cleared in full.


Visual Edge Productions is required by law to charge Maryland Sales & Use Tax on all applicable items unless a certificate of resale is presented.

If you are an out-of-state non-profit company you are still required to pay Maryland Sales & Use Tax unless you meet the criteria as laid out by the state of Maryland.  Please click the link to view these criteria at the Comptroller of Maryland web site: http://business.marylandtaxes.com/faq/faqansexempt/q1.asp


Our crews work on 10-hour portal-to-portal rates.  The day begins when the crew leaves Bethesda, MD and ends when they return to Bethesda, MD.  Please take travel time into consideration when you are booking your job with us.

In the event of out-of-town shoots that require a hotel stay, the day begins upon the crew leaving the hotel and will end upon their return to the hotel or return to Bethesda, MD.

Overtime will be charged at time and a half after the tenth hour.  Overtime at double time will be charged after the twelfth hour.  Missed meals will be subject to penalty as determined by the individual members of the crew.

All out of pocket costs must be reimbursed by the client.  In the event of large costs, such as airline tickets and excess baggage, we do ask the client to take care of the payments if possible.

Travel day rates will be charged on days where the crew is simply traveling.  Equipment set-up, b-roll shots, location scouts and any other activities not strictly related to travel will default the rates to full day rates.

Each crew member is required to have their own room unless previously discussed with, and approved by, the members of the crew.


We do charge for mileage over any distance.  Mileage rates are set according to those published by the US Internal Revenue Service and can be found on the IRS web site.